Time Management

Would you like more control over how you spend your time? Do you need to learn methods for saying “No” to time-nibblers that make you feel defeated at the end of a day?

shutterstock_TimeMgmtSOS can help. Jana Hartwell, CPO® is a time management coach, trained by Julie Morgenstern Enterprises (2013 – “Becoming a Time Management Coach”) and by Harold Taylor, Inc. (2008 – “Making Time Work For You”).

We start with a 30-minute time-analysis consultation via phone or SKYPE video call. The fee for this initial consultation is only $45.00. After this call, we will have identified your top time-nibblers and you will have received some solid tips for managing your time better. You will also know if the time management coaching program is something you’d like to make as a priority for right now or a goal to be planned for the future.

The SOS time management coaching program consists of:

  • Six hours of coaching sessions (Your choice of several face-to-face sessions at least once a week 45- to 90-minute phone or SKYPE video calls.)
  • Analysis of how you use your time versus how you would prefer to use your time.
  • Defining your core time values, identifying conflicts and modifying priorities.
  • Learning how to realistically estimate how much time tasks actually take.
  • Tips and Tools on how to better plan your activities.
  • Assignments and accountability provided between coaching sessions.
  • Facilitation and evaluation of a comprehensive skills assessment.
  • Recommendations and resources to put you in control.
  • Designing your ideal day so you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

All you need to start is $45 payable to Sensible Organizing Solutions, Inc. and 30 minutes of non-interruptable time on the phone or via SKYPE. You can do this!

Call 619-334-8767 to set up your time-analysis session. Choose “Coaching Package” from the payment section at the bottom-right of this page. Then, submit payment using the Buy Now button.,

NOTE: This is a goal and action-oriented program, not therapy or counseling. All communications and information between you and your SOS time coach will remain confidential.