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Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by Jana Hartwell | No Comments

Before SOS

Before SOS-2001 Cluttered Office Floor

Do you have an insatiable need to constantly acquire an abundance of stuff? Perhaps you find yourself frequently shopping as a form of relaxation or distraction from hurt, anger, boredom or a feeling of lack.

Take a look around. Is your living room open and inviting with plenty of room on the sofa and chairs should you have guests? Or are toys, games, electronics, clothes, leftover food, kitchenware and other clutter usurping most of the furniture?

Are you floors and hallways filled with obstacles to trip over?

Are you kitchen counter-tops filled with paper and other items that have nothing to do with eating or preparing food?

Do you have trouble thinking straight because your office is too cluttered?  These are some of the many reasons smart, busy people like you call me for help.

Most of you have invited me out to help with one or more of the above mentioned situations. But perhaps we never finished the project or you have simply allowed old habits to slip back in.

Need another kick start?  No matter how bad the clutter has gotten since we last worked together, there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Priorities constantly shift and “life happens”. You will not be lectured or judged. My goal is to simply help you get back on track — wherever you are  — whenever you are ready. We all have setbacks.

Now isn’t this better?     After

The beginning of Fall is a good time to remove all of the excess from your path, your work-space, your home, your brain, your life!.

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