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Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by Jana Hartwell | No Comments

Organizing for the Holidays

Fall is a great time to organize for the holidays. Stores are full of Halloween costumes and treats with some already setting up aisles of Christmas//Hannukah themes.

But wait… Don’t you already have rafters or storage closets full of holiday decorations from years’ past?  Most people I know have many bins (some even entire storage units) full.

Instead of giving into the temptation of purchasing new holiday decorations, why not save hundreds or thousands of dollars by shopping from your own supplies?  To make this more pleasurable, first do the following:

1) Gather all holiday items from every part of your home and/or storage areas into one space.
2) Remove everything from the boxes and bins.
3) Sort and Categorize items by holidays (e.g., Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s, etc.)
4) Evaluate everything to see what may need to be repaired, donated or tossed. this is also a great time to untangle lights, cords or other messes caused from last year’s rush to clean up.
5) Choose the best of the best to decorate your home with this year. Anything not being put on display can now be re-evaluated. Is it time to let it go?

This exercise will most likely take several hours and for some, several days!  😉

Make the process easier by inviting me in to do the sorting and categorizing part. Once all is nicely arranged, all you need do is shop from your own, well-organized holiday store!

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With LOVE as our theme for this month, think about how you demonstrate your love for the special people and things in your life.

Can there be a love which does not make demands on its object?   ~ Confucius

What demands (or conditions) do you place on the things you profess to love? Are these “treasures” hidden in boxes, bins, closets or cabinets to collect dust and rob you of valuable “loving” space?

This month, sort through some of your buried treasures. Make a commitment to cherish the items you truly love by finding a suitable place in your home or office to honor (display) them.

And, if you are lacking space to display treasures…Let go of some things not so cherished to make room for what you really LOVE!

Result: People around you feel more cared for when you let go of extra stuff (stagnant weight) that blocks the flow of love.

Jana Hartwell, CPO
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Patterns of greed, over-consumption and instant gratification create financial and spiritual havoc that leave many insecure and empty. Instead of feeling the joy of abundance, we often feel the sting of debt and a restless soul.

We’ve been led to believe that if it is on sale and we can get a “good deal”, there is no reason not to buy it — whatever IT is. Advertising hype may impel us to part with our hard-earned income in exchange for items we don’t even appreciate after a day or two. These unappreciated things end up cluttering our lives and blocking personal growth.

Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up anymore in the frenzy of acquiring more things (even gifts for others), try focusing instead on giving more time, energy and quality attention to loved ones and friends. Notice all the blessings you have, both material and immaterial and be grateful.

Gratefulness erases the void that no thing can fill and replenishes you with great fullness.

The more you honor what you already have, the less you will want for more.

So I ask again… Can gratefulness reduce clutter?

Jana Hartwell, CPO

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