Before SOS (About Jana)

What did Jana do before becoming a Certified Professional Organizer?

As a first-born girl of seven children, Jana learned early on how important organization was. Until the age of 15, she shared a small bedroom with three younger sisters. Having an organized room was imperative for a shy, studious child who valued privacy and order. Jana may have been born with a special “space design” gene, or perhaps she learned early on from her resourceful mother how important and worthwhile being organized was for a large, busy household. However it came about, the world is surely a better place because of it.

At the age of ten, Jana began rearranging furniture in her shared bedroom to find the most sensible organizing solution possible to accommodate four lively young girls. Around the same time, she began babysitting and selling flower seeds door-to-door. Hence, the entrepreneur in her was born.

After high school, Jana attended Sawyer College of Business where she learned stellar secretarial skills. After graduation, she became a secretary for an escrow company and real estate investment firm. One of her favorite side jobs was that of a music librarian; organizing media at a local radio station. Another interesting job she held was that of a private investigator for an insurance fraud investigation company.

During her late 20s, 30s and early 40s, Jana lived in the Northern California Bay Area. After attending a few years of college, majoring in business administration, she held several more advanced executive assisting positions. Simultaneous to working full-time, she earned a Speech/Communications degree graduating with honors from Foothill Community College. Later, she studied Business Management at the University of Phoenix.

In the Summer of 1998, Jana chose to explore the up-and-coming field of professional organizing and attended a chapter meeting of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Soon after that meeting, Jana quit her project coordinator job at a biotech firm and created Sensible Organizing Solutions!

After selling her Sunnyvale condo in November of 1998, Jana moved her business to San Diego to be close to family and enjoy warmer weather.

The rest, as they say, is history. Being a member of the NAPO has afforded Jana many years of continued education, collaboration and media exposure. Much of this can be gleaned from the outline of successes shown on Jana’s Professional Qualifications page.

More importantly, experience is the ultimate teacher and Jana is ever the wiser since embarking on this adventure. She now celebrates over 15 years of providing sensible organizing solutions to smart, busy, sometimes overwhelmed people in San Diego County!

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