Residential Client Testimonials

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In safe hands…
Client's Objective? Make room in garage to park a car and work on hobby

Client’s Objective?
Make room in garage to park a car and work on her craft hobby.

Although the project is not finished, here is what we accomplished during only one, 4-hour session!!!!

Here is what we accomplished during only one, 4-hour session!!! Items in the back cabinets and shelves were organized as well. Imagine what else can be accomplished with another few sessions!

Jana, I would not hesitate a moment to refer your services to anyone. They would definitely be in safe hands, and feel just as I had, abundantly pleased with all your help.

I also want you to know that you have helped me in my personal relationship with my boyfriend. He got blessed with skills to be organized, so he has been a little frustrated with me. The timing of your coming along happened to be ‘bulls eye perfect.’

Karen S., Tierrasanta

Something money can not buy…

Everything looks wonderful! What you have done for me is a miracle, a dream come true, a vision empowered, a heart filled to brim, a mind standing still in puzzled amazement at what has occurred.

Getting to know you has been an unexpected bonus of “getting organized.” There may be quite a few people who can organize, but to find such a special person as you who I also have begun to think of as a friend – now that is something money can not buy – it is just the right person at the right time entering our lives during a great transition. You have been a key component in making a positive outcome not only possible but likely!

I really wish God had given me more energy – but then I wouldn’t have met you! So blessings come in strange ways sometimes… and I feel lucky. Thank you so much.

Judy Joy, Pacific Beach

I cannot believe how much was done!…

All three zones in the room are organized. I can now find things and a great load is off my mind. I cannot believe how much was done and am excited about you helping me to organize the shed soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John Dorsey, Clairemont

Everything looks fantastic!…

Jana, everything looks fantastic on the shelves and under the kitchen island. We’re very happy with the outcome and will definitely consider you for some other projects I have in mind. P.S. Thanks for the project photos too. It’s amazing  🙂

Rebecca E., Rancho Penasquitos

She allowed the crazy and colorful to exist…

Thank you for referring Jana to me. I cannot even begin to list all of the amazing things that have happened to my desk, house, relationship and that confetti filled thing I call my brain! Jana crawled into my thoughts, saw that I wasn’t the type to enjoy sitting at a sterile ‘Office Depot’ desk with the phone in the upper right and no personal items sitting around. She didn’t want to turn me into the ordinary office girl… she let me do this thing my way (mostly), with an organized, beautiful, peaceful and creative ‘feel’ to all of it. She allowed the crazy and the colorful to exist and that is why she is the perfect person for my job. I love my new desk and surrounding areas! There are no longer big stacks of ‘who knows what?’ with a side of junk!

Laurie Schultz, La Jolla

I am still reeling from the incredible experience…

…of you being here on Sunday. I keep staring at the space in awe. Of course, David noticed as soon as he walked in the door and was very impressed. He is very supportive of the “help” I had and is fine with us continuing. I know I will need your services to complete the rest of my agenda. As much as I wish I could say that all this inspired me to go at it on my own, I realize that I can’t do it without your help and that is okay too. I just felt very comfortable and confident with your guidance. I have also noticed a difference in how I feel when I come home and it’s just so easy now to find an item or put it back into it’s proper place when I’m done with it. Most importantly, I have an easier time disposing of things I really don’t want/need. I am so glad I made that first call to you. Gratefully,

Margaret Roe, Encinitis

And should we backslide…

Your advice on how to get organized has been extremely helpful. We’re still having some issues with devoting enough time, but overall, we’re pleased with the results. Thank you very much for your help and should we backslide (I hope we don’t!!!), we’ll of course contact you again. Many thanks!!

Mark and Caroline S.

I get a lot more done when working with you…

My husband was pleased with the work and impressed with the project pictures.Thank you so much for the cleaning suggestions and babysitter options!!! I definitely get a lot more done and within a quicker amount of time when you are here working with me.

Kristie Chiscano, Teacher

You gave me hope and the kick start I needed…

Just so you know, I just received a non-refundable holding deposit for renting out my master bedroom and garage and it couldn’t have been done without you! I have a good shot at keeping my home now and not being so stressed out about my financial situation. Thanks again for your encouragement and professionalism. And thanks for showing me some of your packing and storing tips. I will refer your services to my sister, parents, friends and colleagues!

Chris Barber, Lakeside

Freed up and energized!…

I cannot sing your praises enough. You have been such a mentor, teacher and wizard for my Mom. It’s amazing how freed up and energized she feels each time you finish a session with her.

Noreen Crawford, North Park

Jana understands the emotional needs and limitations of her clients…

I had the good fortune to find Jana Hartwell, CPO when I was looking for a Professional Organizer to assist my Aunt & Uncle with a long distance move from San Diego to be near their family in Seattle. She is a gem, professional, experienced, and compassionate with older folks going through a major life change. More importantly, Jana understands the emotional needs and physical limitations of her clients. She handled all the details, from decluttering the house & garage, selling or donating the items not being moved, and helping to find good professionals to sell the home, pack and transport their household.

As a Professional Organizer for the past 15 years in the Boston area, I understand the magnitude and complexity of the job Jana has accomplished. Her sense of purpose, focus on the details, and sensitivity to her clients is extraordinary.

 We could not have done this move without her!

Robin Blank, Professional Organizer (Retired), Bostpm. MA

She’s saved me at least 3 to 4 day’s of work!...

Dear Nina, Jana Hartwell, the Certified Professional Organizer I told you about is awesome! She helped me declutter my entire living room today. She can organize papers & files remarkably fast, rearrange furniture, take away stuff to Goodwill, organize toys, electronics, dishes, everything! She works for you between visits, knows Feng Shui, is spiritual and a really good person. You know how limited my budget is, but she’s saved me at least 3-4 day’s work–if I ever got to it, because obviously it’s all so overwhelming. You’d really like her and can definitely refer her to your clients.

Barbara F., Carmel Valley

You are SO smooth and fast…

… and I love it! I’m sure your services will be used again and again around here. I’m thinking… if dh is planning annual surf trips then I can plan annual home organization sessions…you have to compromise and meet in the middle somehow, right???

Amanda D. Del Mar

An anti-clutter system that works…

I own a home-based business and have struggled for years with clutter in my office, interfering with productivity. Lost call-backs, leads, and customer orders were common-place. Stacks of unopened mail and unfinished projects continually overwhelmed me. I knew I needed help, but didn’t know where to start. Then to make matters more complicated, we adopted a baby girl, much to our joy, but now my need for an organized office space became critical! Jana Hartwell of Sensible Organizing Solutions was called to the rescue!

She moved my office completely out of the nursery, prioritized my files and categorized all action items with a to-do list, so I could finish the job on my own. This was all within a 9-hour period, a task I thought would take weeks!

Immediately recognizing the value of Jana’s services, I then hired her to work side-by-side with me to finish the job. She helped me label files, develop systems for call backs and pending orders as well as accounts receivable and tax information. She, best of all, developed an anti-clutter system that works for me! Something I had struggled with for years. I now have a place for everything, and can easily find things when I need them. My life has been made so simple! Jana, Thank You!


BEFORE-Desk in Nursery


AFTER-An Organized Desk Relocated to Another Room

(With the help of SOS, Lorri also moved, planned a garage sale, and attended an SOS organizing workshop.

Lorri Baker, Poway

Making the best use of space…

Thanks so much for helping me organize my walk-in closet. Your advice was so helpful and now, thanks to your analysis and problem solving abilities, I have made the best use of the space.

Ellen Larsen, Carlsbad

How wonderful & smart it was to hire you…

Thank you for organizing our home! As you witnessed, having a newborn and moving into a new home all at the same time was a bit overwhelming for us. We could not have achieved the level of efficiency we now have without your assistance. I am reminded every day when I open drawers and cabinets everywhere of how wonderful and smart it was to hire you. Thank you again. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team of professionals.

Gina Poage, Rancho Santa Fe

Every room had a plan of action…

testim-testim-doloresrWhen I was seven months pregnant, my family and I moved into a two-story home and I had to do all the packing and unpacking while tending to my three year old daughter. I really needed help. Jana was committed to getting the job done in a timely manner and never became discouraged at the mountain of boxes. She was full of wonderful ideas and solutions.

Every room had a plan of action and each day, Jana communicated the steps needed for the following day. If we needed any containers, she would bring them the next day.

Jana also helped me sort through many boxes to determine what to sell, discard, or store. The items for sale were moved to the garage and arranged in an orderly fashion, making the garage sale set up simple.

Dolores Robertson, Midtown

 Provided a custom closet design…

Jana arranged to have a closet consultant work with us to develop a custom design for my two daughters’ closets. Once the closets were installed, she organized their belongings into the shelves & racks and encouraged the girls to participate in the process. She also gave me referrals for odd jobs and repairs that needed to be done both inside and out, helping me to me develop a plan of action for each project.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful help. She is a great organizer and I am so pleased with the outcome!

                                                                      Louise P., El Cajon

No more piles of receipts waiting to be filed…

I want to tell you how improved my work time and space are now that we’ve moved my operational files. I now file receipts as soon as I pay the bill because the file drawer is right where I sit and work. No more piles of receipts piled up waiting to be filed. It’s wonderful to see how a small idea can make such a big difference.

Pat Dunn, Clairemont

What an exhilarating feeling!…

Couch: gone! Levolors: gone! What an exhilarating feeling! And I love my new spacious, zen-like office. I am now imagining what paint color and how many Joni Mitchell portraits/paintings/photos I can jam on the walls   😉  Enjoy the day and thanks for all your help.

Lindsay Moon, Poway

You bet I’m ready for your next session…

I have gotten rid of four tubs of stuff since you left! It’s taken me eight hours to do on my own, but I did it, thanks to you and your gift of encouragement and instruction. Now that the majority of clutter is gone, I look forward to your space design tips.

Kim Ruby, East County

Efficient – Conscientious – Creative…
testim-testim-carol1 testim-testim-carol2

I have hired other professional organizers in the past but they didn’t work out. I think they were overwhelmed by the task at hand. The beauty of Jana’s style is with her energy and creativity; she can conquer any challenge. She can work with you side-by-side or on her own – with seemingly boundless energy.

In addition to all these attributes, I can attest to Jana’s integrity and honesty. I trusted her to handle with discretion any confidential items she came across.

She is very intelligent, efficient, conscientious, creative, and tireless. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Jana and her many attributes.

Professor Carol Josselyn, Los Altos Hills

Remembering how invaluable your services are…

Such a timely check-in, Jana, as this week I was remembering how invaluable your services are…not only did you help me with my physical space, but you helped me work through the inertia of making some positive changes in my mental space. When I’m alone, I tend to beat myself up for the mess and run around in circles. Setting a goal, scheduling the time, focusing on one project at a time & setting aside time for clean-up afterward is the ‘medicine’ I needed for this challenge!

Mona N.  La Jolla

What a tremendous relief…

…to have that part of the house in order again. In fact, I was able to put a home gym in that room, something I’ve been thinking about for years. You really motivated me and since your visit, I have cleaned out my home office — you can actually see the desk — as well as my dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets. Soon, I’ll work on the linen closet. Thank you for empowering me to be able to do this, with or without your physical presence.

Carol P, Otay Mesa

Working with you was thoroughly enjoyable…

…, despite what we were working on (the dreaded attic). We were so impressed with all that was organized/cleared out in the relatively short time we were all working. We look forward to your return at the end of August as we tackle the garage. Thanks for everything.

Kristy & Bob, La Mesa

…and those labels are terrific!

 I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my neat little counter – and those labels are terrific! I now feel like a woman rather than a messy little girl. I look forward to us doing the kitchen cabinet and the notorious computer room.

Rita Packard, La Jolla