Non-Profit Client Testimonials

Another successful rummage sale!

Thank you for coordinating the church rummage sale and for the hard work you put into the effort. I was happy to see several people involved who had not previously volunteered.

April Herron, Pacific Beach United Methodist Church

Improving our lives dramatically!
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Laura Withers, Ronald McDonald House Charities

Excerpt from the NAPO News regarding this project:

Eight members of the San Diego Chapter of NAPO demonstrated beyond question that “Together We Are Better” by participating in a “hands-on” organizing day at the Ronald McDonald House. At a time in our country when reaching out has intensified meaning, the San Diego organizers were able to make a positive difference for those who are coping with one of life’s most challenging experiences – terminal illness.

Jana Hartwell, president of the chapter, witnessed the hard-working staff’s morale-boost from being “cared for,” and saw how that emotional pebble caused the sweetest of ripple effects. It was a powerful reminder that it is through giving that we receive.

The impressive number of tasks -organizing the reception station, kitchen, laundry rooms, storage area and attic -speaks well of the individual and joint abilities to bring efficient and attractive order to the job at hand – and have fun while doing so!

Suddenly there was space where there was none before!

I am writing to express my gratitude to Jana for her creativity, hard work and assistance to our office. Recently, our nonprofit agency added two new staff members. We were a bit confused about how to fit these new employees into our cramped space. It seemed every corner was taken and walking through the office was a bit like navigating through an obstacle course.

Then Jana entered the picture. Immediately she had a vision and made it a reality. Suddenly there was space where there was none before! In a few hours we were finished and everything was in its place. We were able to move from one area to another with ease and we had so much more room! We were definitely pleased with the outcome.

I highly recommend SOS to anyone who is looking to add space and order to their working or living environment. We are thankful for her help.

Katie Edwards, Executive Director of Partners Mentorship Program