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Business Needs Assessment – Organize for Productivity

Your first appointment with SOS is a needs assessment consultation with Ms. Jana Hartwell, Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) and founder of SOS. During the needs assessment, we discuss your responses to an efficiency questionnaire, review your organizing/productivity goals, and formulate a plan to meet those goals.

needs-jana-gary-confNext, Ms. Hartwell speaks to each key principal and/or employee who is able to provide vital input about your (or your company’s) organizational challenges. With your permission, Ms. Hartwell takes photos of any particularly cluttered or “spatially challenged” areas. The onsite portion of this needs assessment lasts about two to four hours, depending upon the number of people interviewed and whether hands-on organizing or productivity coaching is provided during the consultation.

Ms. Hartwell will follow up with a work Proposal for your company to review. Sensible Organizing Solutions are offered that may take the form of the following.

  • “Clutter-clearing” organizing sessions for key managers and employees
  • One-on-one productivity coaching
  • Administrative staff training
  • File-system set up or revision
  • Space design alternatives
  • Product or professional services recommendations
  • Seminars/Workshop(s) or more

Should you decide to accept SOS’s proposal to provide Sensible Organizing Solutions for your company, you are guaranteed to reap outstanding results to increase productivity and boost profits. If you have the authority and would rather bypass the formal proposal of recommendations, that’s okay too. We will simply decide on a payment plan and schedule more sessions.

Dramatic Results the First Day!

BEFORE-Architectural Engineer

BEFORE-Architectural Engineer

AFTER One Session With SOS!

AFTER One Session With SOS!

Photos courtesy of Bob Cederdahl, CPCM

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