Business Client Testimonials

Success far reaching…

testim-testim-vickiJana generated a direct and immediate effect on productivity within our offices by providing customized organizing solutions that really work! Her expertise was quickly demonstrated as she proved that anyone can get out from underneath a sea of paperwork and clutter.

Jana began her “magic” by first interviewing people in our office that had the most difficulty managing paper flow and retrieving information in a timely manner.

Once she had a basic grasp of their individual personalities, styles and needs, she worked along side the individual to develop a meaningful system of organization, and one that was easily maintained. The end product was the individual’s enhanced ability to track, process and retrieve information quickly, confidently and efficiently, encouraging trust and collaboration among their peers and clients.

We have benefited enormously from Jana’s involvement with these key individuals. They are not only more organized, productive and less stressed, but they are also happier people. The success experienced with our staff is far-reaching and the benefits are long lasting. I would encourage any individual or business to seek out Jana’s Sensible Organizing Solutions!

Vickie Fortie, Vice President of Turpin & Rattan Engineering, Inc.

Making sense of inherited files…

Jana, Thank you so much for helping our office make sense of the hundreds of files and stray papers that were inherited from a previous Administrator. Trying to figure out her system was costing us valuable hours of time better spent on other matters. We can now find vital information with greater ease and speed.

You have also been instrumental in helping me to be in better control of time, projects and work relationships. I feel more confident about managing my responsibilities and setting healthier boundaries now. We will definitely be calling you to help as we prepare for a major transition this Summer.

Lindsay Langford, Vice President , Johnson Family Foundation

You are one of the best..

Thank you for all of your help with my home and business offices! You are one of the best and of course you can use my name for referrals.

Dianne York, President/CEO, La Jolla Spa MD

Cutting through the clutter and chaos…

Thank you, Jana, for all of your hard work, organized thinking and clear communication. You helped me get my office back on track and motivated me to function at a new level. I would recommend you to any business or individual who needs help cutting through the clutter and chaos and creating new systems for productivity.

Paul Breithaupt, Vice President, Strategic Financial Alliance

Opportunity costs…

You probably saved me hours of searching for a bank statement to prove to a representative that I was guaranteed a lower rate! What did I learn about “opportunity costs” in my first B.S. degree??? Now I know what it truly means! Thank you.

Connie Whitcraft, M.Ed., Academic Coach

I’m loving the flow of my office!…

The action bins really work for me and I’m more motivated to keep random papers off my desk top. Your idea to remove the cumbersome doors from my product supplies closet was brilliant! Now I can see and easily access the many well-labeled, organized bins!

Monica Astorga, President, Green Frog Promotions

I can’t stay out of my ‘new’ office!…

Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration. I love my desk viewing the patio; far much nicer than a wall. Everything is right at my fingertips and I have room on my desk for other work besides the computer. Clean and uncluttered are other good words that describe the space.

Mary Herron, Philantropist and Former Mayor of Coronado

My desk is now clean by the end of each day…

Jana, you’ll be happy to hear that I have had my desk clean by the end of each day about 90% of the time since you were here. I have also weeded through two more file drawers, reorganizing them with the labels up front and centering them. Thanks for your good work!

Mindy Bortness,, Communication Works, Inc.

In awe with the transformation…

The enthusiasm you had during our sessions helped me get through the clutter I thought would take weeks to sort out. I am in awe with the transformation and still getting used to all of the space in my office. Plus… no more ugly boxes!

Clarissa Rullan, Realtor

Multi-talented and dynamic…

Dear Jo, Can you recommend an organizer? I thought you said you had used one. Any lessons learned to pass would be great as well!

Maureen, Here she is: That’s Jana Hartwell, the very best!!! We have been working together for over a year and I recommend her without hesitation. She is multi-talented and dynamic. Go for it!

Johanna Lessner, Ph.D.

An effective system was developed…

One of our higher-level project managers was juggling multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. Several of his projects were reaching critical benchmarks and his abilities were stretched beyond his current capacity. Jana Hartwell was brought in to help him improve basic organizational and time management skills. An easy and effective system was developed that not only served the purpose of successfully bridging this manager through critical points in the projects — the skills learned became habits he still puts to use.

Jana Valtrakis, Chong Partners

My colleagues have been flocking to see…

It was thrilling to come to school the first day to a clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing office. My colleagues can’t believe it and have been flocking to see for themselves.This is fun!

Carol Josselyn, Professor of Speech/Communications, Foothills Community College